Vetiver Grass

My, how time has flown. A year ago we launched this website to make the world aware of the plight of the Rohingya’s coming into Bangladesh from Myanmar. When we initially launched this website, the media and many foreign aid countries were doing incredible things. Now, just 12 months later, government officials tell me that 80% of those people and aid organizations are gone. You know the old statement, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Project Dosh, while small in stature, has said we will NOT leave. We are going to help the Rohingya’s but also the Bangladeshis as well. I needed to bring you up to speed on all we have done, but also tell you about some current projects as well. We want and need your assistance.

Last year we were told by the head government officials that close to 100,000 people were at risk of losing their lives due to mudslides. We raised $20,000.00 to buy, deliver and plant vetiver grass. This grass grows deep with strong root systems to help with erosion problems and ultimately, the mudslides.

We hurried in and planted 1.2 million vetiver grass saplings in camp three and four in preparation for the monsoon season.We hired 100 day laborers from the host community but also Rohingya men. We paid them a week to plant and then to take care of them for a month.

With great success 92% of our grass survived. As a result we heard that ONLY (Which is still too many) 3 people lost their lives because of mudslides. This grass became an incredible barrier and protection for many people.

On a trip most recently (November 2018) we saw the grass strong and healthy and many of them have been cut back and used for insulation, firewood and crafts.

As a result of our FIRST effort now other organizations like UNHCR, UN, BRAC, WFP and others are testing and growing vetiver grass to put into other camps.

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